The LOTUS Mattress LOTUS
The LOTUS Mattress LOTUS
The LOTUS Mattress LOTUS
The LOTUS Mattress LOTUS
The LOTUS Mattress LOTUS
The LOTUS Mattress LOTUS
The LOTUS Mattress

The LOTUS Mattress

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These four pillars were the most important to our customers during our research.


Made with non-toxic infused with copper, there's no opportunity for bacteria to breed in this mattress and no off gassing.


Our phase change material makes the mattress cooling. Fall asleep faster and stay cool all night.


Our premium Canadian made foams mean you won't feel your partner tossing or getting out of bed, protecting your deep sleep.


Our mattress ships to you in a eco-friendly reusable bag. Better sleep is in the bag!

No More Sleeping Hot

LOTUS’ Cool cover and Arctic Ice cooling gel foam layer absorb more heat with faster dissipation, giving you a cooler sleep.

  • Moisture-wicking bamboo and copper infused cover
  • Breathable Arctic Ice cooling gel foam
  • Fast infrared heat dissipation

Truly Supportive

Lotus is a medium-firm mattress with a plush, supporting feel and pressure-point relief for all sleeping positions.

  • Supportive spinal alignment for side sleepers
  • Balanced support for back sleepers
  • Pressure-point relief for stomach sleepers

Better Sleep is in the bag!

See how easy it us to order and receive you LOTUS Mattress. There's nothing quite like watching your newly beloved bed awaken before your eyes. Shipped rolled up in a reusable canvas bag. 


We know everyone has their preferred sleeping position, so we designed the Lotus to feel just right - not too soft and not too firm.

Designed in Saskatchewan

Made with 100% Canadian Made CertiPUR® foams, the LOTUS will stay clean and not harbour any nasty germs or sweat. Our LOTUS Arctic Ice tech keeps you cool all night long.


The Lotus Mattress works great with most foundations. Here are the four that will work great.


Use a solid platform with a middle support beam for the best results.


Make sure the slats are 3 inches or wider and that there is a centre beam.


Only use solid-platform box foundations with a support beam.


Works with any adjustable bed with a flat surface.


Do You Offer Financing Or Split-Payment Options?

Yes we do! For 0% interest, you can split your payments over 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Just choose PayBright on the final step of checkout.

How Does The 100 Night Guarantee Work?

Your 100 Night Trial starts from the day your Lotus Mattress arrives at your door! If you're not completely in love with the feel of your Lotus Mattress, we ask that you try it for 30 days before requesting a return, as the firmness of the mattress will assume its regular form after a few weeks. If you're still not satisfied, reach out to our support and we will start the hassle-free return process where our couriers will pick up the mattress from your house and attempt to donate it or dispose of it responsibly.

Is This Canadian Made?

We are proud to be Canadian Made! We have a highly-skilled factory in Montreal, Quebec that produces our premium mattresses.

How do I unbox the mattress?

It's very simple! These premium mattresses are HEAVY so make sure you have a partner to help you lift the bag. Simply peel off the outer plastic layer and unroll the mattress onto the bed. Once it's flat on the bed and right side up, you can cut the inner plastic protection layer and it will start expanding as air rushes in. Pull the plastic layer off and voila - you have a Lotus!

When Can I Use The Mattress? Will It Smell?

The Lotus Mattress comes completely odour-free! Odours in other mattresses arise from the use of toxic glues, foams, or flame retardants when shipped from overseas. There may also be a smell when stored in a container. You will not need to air it out for days or let it expand for hours. After unrolling, it will expand to its full form in less than an hour, and will look even better the next day. Some creases from folding and rolling are to be expected and will smooth out over time.

Do You Offer Free Shipping? How Fast Does It Ship?

Yes! As of now we are shipping Canada-wide with no fee. All orders on launch week will be processed the week after to allow time to get our ducks in a row. Shipping to your door takes 1-4 days Canada-wide after fulfillment.

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