LOTUS Air 2.0 - Cooling Weighted Blanket LOTUS 10LB (50x75) Grey
LOTUS AIR Cooling Weighted Blanket LOTUS
LOTUS AIR Cooling Weighted Blanket LOTUS
LOTUS Air 2.0 - Cooling Weighted Blanket LOTUS

LOTUS AIR Cooling Weighted Blanket

The LOTUS Air Cooling Weighted Blanket has unsurpassed temperature regulation. Hot sleepers rejoice!
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Bamboo Cooling Technology

The cooling weighted blanket has an ultra breathable bamboo cover, designed with maximum airflow technology. Stay cool and comfortable all night long.

Promotes Restful Sleep

Reduced stress levels related to deep pressure stimulation from a weighted blanket are proven to help those with trouble sleeping and have been linked to improved sleep quality.

Helps Alleviate Anxiety & Stress

Deep touch pressure stimulation by the weighted blanket has been found to relax, calm, and minimize anxiety and improve one's overall well-being through increases in serotonin and melatonin levels.

Details & Specs

Our amazing cooling cover that is removable, machine washable, and dryer friendly.

77 independent baffles that keep the eco-friendly glass beads distributed evenly across your body. High-strength, reinforced ties are found inside the Chill duvet system creating 8 connection points to reduce shifting.Perfectly balanced for a single user. For couples or large beds, a set of two is recommended. Try it yourself with our industry-leading 100 night in home trial and hassle-free return policy.

10LB, 15LB or 20LB

Product Size
75" L X 50" W

● Removable cover: 100% Cooling Bamboo fabric

● Inner core: 100% cotton with ultra-fine glass bead & soft poly-fil filling

● Outer Cover Machine washable. Inner Blanket: Hand wash only

● Recommended Use: A weighted blanket should represent about 8-12% of your body weight. For optimal use, we recommend this for adults weighing 90lbs+.

At this time, there are no significant delays to our overall delivery or service, including the manufacturing of our LOTUS Mattress, which is made, warehoused, and delivered exclusively in Canada. We continue to offer free shipping to every Canadian province. †Additional fees or exclusions may apply to the Canadian Territories.

Rest assured, our delivery partners have committed to extra health and safety measures during this time to keep you and your family safe. Happy sleeps await! 

Each Weighted Blanket is built to last and backed by a 1-year limited warranty 

Who is the LOTUS Weighted Blanket for?

The LOTUS Weighted Blanket is perfect for adults who want to improve the quality of their sleep. Those who experience chronic stress, restlessness, or difficulty 'turning off' may also benefit from using the LOTUS Weighted Blanket to induce sleep or promote relaxation and focus when draped across your lap during seated activities.

Consult a physician before using a weighted blanket during pregnancy, or if you experience sleep-related disorders, respiratory problems, or other chronic medical conditions. This weighted blanket should not be used by children, or individuals who weigh less than 80 lb."

Will the LOTUS Weighted Blanket make me too hot at night?

A weighted blanket should be incorporated into your existing sleep routine, taking into consideration your personal preferences for coverage and warmth. While the added weight will not make for a significantly warmer sleep, the bamboo cover could prevent heat from being distributed away from your body. For a cooler feel, weighted blankets should be placed on top of a comforter or flat sheet to create breathable layers for your body heat to pass through.

Can I try the LOTUS Weighted Blanket?

Absolutely. Similarly to our LOTUS mattresses, we provide customers with 60 nights to try out the weighted blanket in the comfort of your home.


Bamboo fabric is a natural material made from bamboo fibers. The fibers, spun into yarn and woven into a textile, are smooth and round, which means unlike other natural fabrics, they don’t irritate the skin. Bamboo is a versatile and soft fabric that feels like a blend between cashmere and silk. Its other benefits include:

● Breathability

● Moisture-wicking

● Elasticity

● Antibacterial 


Why you'll love your LOTUS AIR Cooling Blanket

✅ Individual size is perfect for personal use on the bed or even as a couch throw.

✅ Convenient machine washable cover

✅ The cooling cover is made from a naturally wrinkly, super-soft and organic viscose bamboo and is completely anti-microbial. 

✅ Relaxes the body and mind to reduce bedtime anxiety and stress. Say goodnight to insomnia!

✅ If you are a hot sleeper or simply want to enjoy the benefits of LOTUS durning the summer month, the LOTUS Air was made for you.

The Blanket With a Little Extra

The LOTUS AIR Cooling Weighted Blanket is designed to distribute deep, balanced pressure across your body in order to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. It minimizes body movement, which promotes a deeper sleep. So get ready to cuddle up!

Down to the Last Detail

Cooling cover:

is made from 100% moisture-wicking bamboo, which ensures a comfortable, dry night for even those sleepers who run hot. Ultrasoft and calming, whether you turn out the lights or open a book.

77 independent baffles that keep the eco-friendly glass beads distributed evenly across your body. Gentle pressure, almost like a warm hug, for a deeply relaxing effect.

Creates a sensation of overall calm and relaxation, encouraging the feeling of reduced stress and anxiety.

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