2 + 1 Cooling Weighted Blanket Package LOTUS
2 + 1 Cooling Weighted Blanket Package LOTUS

LOTUS 2 + 1 Weighted Blanket Package

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Now you can enjoy the power of a LOTUS weighted blanket all year round in this conveniently packed 2-in-1 bundle. 
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This bundle includes:

1 LOTUS Inner Weighted Blanket [Connects via Ties]

1 LOTUS AIR Cooling Cover

1 LOTUS Plush Duvet Cover

Super easy installation and care.Simply remove and swap the cover, throw it in the wash, and hang to dry.


Bamboo Cooling Technology

The cooling weighted blanket has an ultra breathable bamboo cover, designed with maximum airflow technology. Stay cool and comfortable all night long.

Soft & Comfortable

The plush weighted blanket has a ultra soft, cozy and breathable minky cover. Stay comfortable all night long.

Promotes Restful Sleep

Reduced stress levels related to deep pressure stimulation from a weighted blanket are proven to help those with trouble sleeping and have been linked to improved sleep quality.

The power of sleep

We know you know it’s important, but did you know the positive effects of sleep can be felt throughout virtually every aspect of our lives?


☑️Physical strength




☑️Emotional well-being

☑️Resilience to stress

LOTUS Sleep Products
How The Cover Works

The LOTUS Air Cooling Cover uses cutting-edge fabric designed to usher away and disperse body heat creating a cooler, personally adjusted experience.

The ultra-breathable fabric wicks away moisture and actively absorbs body heat making the cover noticeably cool to the touch. You will enjoy the unmistakable active cooling of the LOTUS Air from the instant you enter your cocoon through the first 15-20 minutes of use, allowing you plenty of time to drift comfortably into sleep.