Sleeping under a weighted blanket activates our relaxation hormones via something called, deep touch pressure stimulation, allowing a more restful and deeper sleep.


The LOTUS Plush Weighted Blanket creates an immediate soothing, calming effect that’s perfect after a long day. This weighted blanket minimizes tossing and turning, decreases anxiety and improves sleep quality. The weight simulates deep-pressure touch therapy to release oxytocin into the body, similar to the effects of hugging and cuddling.


With the introduction of our LOTUS Air Cooling Blanket, we have combined the same celebrated feeling of security, anxiety reduction, calm, and coziness, while entering a new campaign in the quest for ultimate comfort. Unsurpassed temperature regulation. Hot sleepers rejoice!

2 + 1 BUNDLE

Now you can enjoy the power of a LOTUS weighted blanket all year round in this conveniently packed 2-in-1 bundle. 

1 LOTUS Inner Weighted Blanket

1 LOTUS AIR Cooling Cover

1 LOTUS Plush Duvet Cover


The perfect addition to the LOTUS family—LOTUS Kids! A little bit smaller and a little bit lighter, the LOTUS Kids Weighted Blanket is perfect for restless little sleepers and soothing sour moods.

When you sleep better — you feel better