Luna Weighted Blanket LOTUS
Luna Weighted Blanket LOTUS
Luna Weighted Blanket LOTUS

LOTUS® Basic

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LOTUS BASIC WEIGHTED BLANKET is like a much-needed hug. Our LOTUS basic weighted blanket is made with 100% 240 tread count cotton and micro glass beads to providing a grounding experience. Our blanket uses a strong 5 layer inner blanket construction. **Blanket does not come with cover**

Eases Insomnia

Until you’ve experienced insomnia, it’s easy to dismiss it as a mere bump in an otherwise smooth road of easy sleep.

Weighted blankets provide this firm but gentle pressure anytime you need it, which means lots of blissful Zs.


Reduces Anxiety

A weighted blanket is a lot like getting a firm but gentle hug — except you don’t have to bribe your roommate or significant other to give you one. Even better, you can get the benefits just about anywhere, from the sofa to your bed.

Fights Back Against Stress

The good news is weighted blankets help you fight back. Research shows that deep touch pressure stimulation therapy works. With a weighted blanket, you don’t have to travel to a therapist or buy expensive equipment to get stress relief.

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