What is a Flippable Mattress?

You might remember seeing your parents flip their mattress when you were young and thinking, “What are they doing?” The idea behind a flippable mattress is that when one side wears down, you can flip it for a fresh new bed.

Pros and Cons of a Flippable Mattress


● More Sleeping Options

● Longer-lasting Mattress


● More Expensive

● Hard to Maintain

● Limited Mattress Options

Flippable mattresses used to be the norm. Back in the day, when everyone had an innerspring mattress, it was considered an extra benefit to have the ability to flip your mattress. When you flip a mattress, you can more evenly distribute the pressure, making the springs last longer (a bit like rotating your tires).

Do They Still Make Flippable Mattresses?

Yes, the LOTUS Flip Mattress. While most flippable mattresses in the past were innerspring, most of them are now made of foam.

Longer-lasting Mattress

The main draw of a double sided mattress is that it should theoretically last longer because you can flip it to more evenly distribute the pressure applied. If you follow a proper flipping schedule, which varies depending on the mattress, this could work out. A typical flip mattress should be flipped every six months.