How Copper Helps You Sleep

More than we may realize, copper (yes, the same stuff that pennies are made of) serves a lot of purposes in the world around us. That’s because this amazing element has some truly outstanding natural properties. And guess what? Turns out those properties can do some pretty revolutionary things for your sleep. So move aside pipes and electrical wiring!

Why copper?

Our reputation of crafting toppers and mattresses with natural ingredients that promote better, sounder, more restorative sleep is one we’re quite proud of. From green tea to charcoal to olive oil, we’re fanatics about finding natural additives that put your mind and body at ease. Because of this wholesome philosophy, copper is a no-brainer.

Thermal conductivity - why your bed needs it

While your body winds down for the night, it begins to cool to start the process of powering down. And if your body temperature is too warm, your ability to fall and stay asleep can be affected. Enter copper, the heat conductive magnet that sucks up and whisks away your excess body heat. And in addition to promoting sounder sleep, the more comfortable feeling copper leaves you with has a trickle-down effect. For one, your mattress and bedding will no longer absorb the extra sweat produced from overheating (and psychologically, you’ll feel better knowing what’s not left behind). And less sweat means no lingering odors. Cooler, dryer and less offensive to your nose - we call that a great start.

Pretty impressive, right? So it only makes sense to infuse this dynamic element with what we do best at LOTUS with our LOTUS Flip Mattress. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Copper meets memory foam

When all-natural copper and our soft, cradling memory foam come together, amazing things happen. Our selection of cozy LOTUS mattresses could be the best thing to happen to your mattress, and your sleep.

Looking to add this ultra-cool layer to your setup? Start with our LOTUS Flip Mattress packed with sleep enhancing benefits, it’ll leave you wondering how you never knew that metal could be this comfortable.

If you’re looking for something with even more cooling potential Our LOTUS Flip Mattress is engineered with cooling curves to stimulate airflow, this comfort-boosting topper is a friend to your body’s natural contours and your internal thermostat.

And if hot sleeping is the number one thing keeping you up at night, we suggest dialing up the cooling factor all the way. Our LOTUS Flip Mattress as it is packed with not only thermoregulating copper and an airflow-stimulating design, but also cooling fabric to ensure that absolutely no excess heat sneaks by.

Research made it supportable, copper made it comfortable, and we made it affordable. In other words, and the periodic table has your back.